Walkman One (for NW-A40Series)

This update wouldn't be possible without the generous donation of a WM1A from Nayparm (after having to sell mine). Check out his website, www.npaudio.uk, for hardware modifications for WM1A/Z, ZX300, and more!

Most of the answers to your questions are already answered below, or in the info files that can be found in the downloaded firmware archive, or in the FAQ. For example, in the "External_Tunings" folder there is a info file describing what to do to change the sound signature. Please read all this info, and if you couldn't find the answer to a certain question, you can ask it below, in the comments section, or via email. Thanks!

Updates (September 20th):
- instead of having separate firmware packages for different sound signatures, you can now choose (in the settings file) from 4 available sound signatures that come in a single package;

Midnight is now the "Warm" sound signature, while Dawn (v2.1, unreleased before) is the "Bright" sound signature. The other two sound signatures are "Neutral" (which sits somewhere between Warm and "Bright") and "WM1Z", which is the Sony NW-WM1Z sound.

- in the "CFW" folder in the internal storage, where the settings file can also be found, you will now see a "StockRevert" folder, containing everything required to get back to the stock firmware;
- in the same folder you will also see an "External_Tunings" folder, which contains the external tunings for the 4 sound signatures, as well as info related to the applying of these tunings (both these folders require about 246 MB available in the internal storage).

- 4 sound signatures in 1 package: "Neutral", "Warm", "Bright", and the "WM1Z" stock sound;
- an additional settings system, which can be found in the Internal Storage (in the "CFW" folder), allowing you to set various settings (open the settings file, [settings.txt], for more info);
- a boot log file for the settings system, to check if the settings file is read correctly and all the values are valid (can be found in the same "CFW" folder);
- BT Receiver mode (stream audio to your player from any BT source);
- 10-band equalizer/Tone Control (switch between these two from the EQ screen, by tapping on the bottom-right menu button);
- DC Phase Linearizer with 6 selectable modes;
- Vinyl Processor with 4 selectable modes;
- Direct Source replacing ClearAudio+ (while Direct Source is enabled, DSD and MQA playback will not work);
- visualizers: Spectrum Analyzer/Analog VU Meter/Digital Peak Meter (while in the playback screen, tap the bottom right button, and then tap "Change playback screen")
- info about the file being played showing up at the top of the playback screen;
- a bar indicating the audio volume is showing up at the top of the screen;
- the CEW2 region doesn't apply a volume limit with this firmware;
- three boot modes: "Normal", "Plus v1", and "Plus v2" (find settings for these in the settings file);
- DSEE AI (present on DMP-Z1);
- visualizations more in sync with the music;
- progressive JPEG and interlaced PNG album covers are supported.

Missing features in comparison to the stock firmware:
- FM Radio
- VPT Surround
- Language Study
- ClearAudio+
- Noise cancelling
- Line-out functionality

Boot modes:
"Plus v1" - a different flavor of the normal chosen sound signature;
"Plus v2" - usually better than the Plus v1 mode, and it also consumes less battery;
"Normal" - provides the normal chosen sound signature;

Please read the FAQ for more info about how to install/revert back to stock from this firmware, about the settings file, or about how to change/start in the chosen Plus mode.

You can also find info related to installing and reverting to stock or about the tunings in the downloaded ZIP archive, from the link below.


What should I do if I'm using one of the previous/existing custom firmware versions?

1. Revert to stock using the StockRevert package corresponding to your currently installed firmware

2. Install "Walkman One", following the instructions available in the downloaded ZIP archive

You can find the StockRevert for the previous modded firmware versions, here




  1. Wow!
    Thanks a lot, again and again. The a45 sounds really great.
    Best wishes!!

  2. Hello Mr.Walkman and thank you for your work.I was using the midnight v2 version of your software on my a40 but after running its stock revert exe it seems that the stock revert external tuning exe cannot be executed because the player "is not connected " to the pc while actually it is. What should I dp? Is it fine to just install your new walkman one firmware? Thank you

    1. Hey, you could ignore the tuning thing.

      You can proceed directly to installing this latest firmware.

    2. Ok,thank you for the immediate response. Nice work :)

  3. You did it again, mr walkman!! Thank you!

    I was hesitant to apply this cfw because I didn't want to lose the fm radio but... WOW! The sound is amazing now! Goosebumps.

    I have two questions, though:
    - I know the glitching when using bluetooth in plusv2 is known but, is there any chance to solve it without having to disable plusv2? I restart but it happens everytime I try.
    - It is impossible to get this amazing sound using the a55 base firmware with a sound signature file, right? In my complete ignorance, I thought that this would restore the radio and solve the bluetooth glitch but, in fact, I think that this was your fist approach...

    Anyway. Your contributions are fantastic, and you have done a terrific job. Congratulations!

    1. Hey, I'm glad you decided to give it a try :)

      Unfortunately there's no fix for the glitching thing. I don't know if I'll be able to solve this in the future.

      Regarding your other question - Sony created sonic differences mostly through software, like the differences between WM1A and WM1Z, for example, or between ZX300 and WM1A, etc. Of course that the hardware matters, but you can already see how big of an improvement it is. This improvement would not be possible by using the stock A50 firmware, unfortunately. Basically the A50 firmware is made to sound like it sounds, and the WM1A/Z firmware is also made to sound like it sounds, which is better than the A50 firmware.

      Using the A50 firmware would also not solve the BT glitch. I tried enabling the radio function on the 1A/Z firmware, but while the FM radio button shows up, clicking on it goes to a blank screen - there's basically no UI for it.

    2. Understood.

      Thank you for your response and have a nice day :)

  4. Bro, can i ask you. Why "external tuning" stock revert isnt anymore in archive? I mean- i downloaded your big archive of all together stock reverts from old firmwares - im running dmpfev2 now - and it have only firmware stock reverts, not tunings. Im still have tuning stock revert in previously downloaded archive - but why it is not anymore here?

    1. It's just not there. You can install the latest firmware update for your player instead.

    2. Im already installed it! Im just guessing why vanilla sound is not more available.
      Also the last question bothering me since first version of DMP - why does "direct" on option sounds so much better than direct off?

    3. The StockRevert external tuning does the same thing as an official firmware installer.

      Regarding your other question, "Direct" option also has its own digital processing involved. I didn't find "Direct" off sounding much better though.

    4. So Sony lied to us, im always thought Direct option means zero processing.
      Kz zax+ Bright+ Direct sound is my new discovered perfection, you are literally doing black magic man, ty.

    5. Well, they also mention that the difference between 1A and 1Z is because of capacitors, resistors, and wires, and they made these small players sound very dull in comparison to how they can sound now.

  5. Hi,

    Loving the firmware, the added functionality is fantastic.
    Great job, and thank you for making it!

    I've got another question though; I've noticed that the stock firmware has coloured font (e.g. blue font for the blue NW-A45, green font for the green one etc).

    The custom firmware seems to remove the font colours.
    I was wondering if there's a way to add it back?


    1. Hey, please read info about the settings file above. In the settings file you can change the color.

    2. Oops - hadn't looked into that.

  6. Hey, thanks for the package! I'm having trouble installing it though - StockRevert doesn't seem to be working for me. After running the .exe, my A45 restarts but not into update mode - nothing happens after the reboot. On PC it says that firmware update has been initiated. In unit info it still shows the custom rom. Using Win10. Do you know what might be the cause?

    1. Hey, the installer is not working differently than an official Sony one. I can only advise restarting your computer and trying again, or trying this on another computer.

  7. Great mod! My only problem is that I cannot play DSD format files! Audio levels do display, but I'm guessing it outputting to the second non-existent jack that would be on the other model?

    1. Check the FAQ please. DSD and MQA files have no sound while Direct Source is enabled.

    2. Ah thank you, my bad.

  8. It could be useful to know: I was unable to install the External_Tuning until I removed a SD card from the player. Without this operation the installer failed and kept asking to connect the player. After removal of the SD everything went well

    1. Also make sure that you are not trying to install any tuning that does not correspond to the in-use sound signature (more info in the FAQ).

  9. Cheers for this great release. I use the warm profile because I mostly play on speakers nowadays. Anyway, how do I use the Bluetooth Remote function?

    1. Hey, you need the RMT-NWS20.

    2. Aw ok, I thought it was something similar to HibyLink.

  10. I have a question from my friend, he has an A40 region Japan, if he installs WalkmanOne then edits the region settings, is there additional English?

    1. Or is there a way to change or add English on the walkman A40?.... Thanks

    2. Yes, he will be able to change the language.

  11. Oh man it sounds amazing with the WM1Z tuning. Many thanks once again.