Walkman One (for NW-A30Series)

This update wouldn't be possible without the generous donation of a WM1A from Nayparm (after having to sell mine). Check out his website, www.npaudio.uk, for hardware modifications for WM1A/Z, ZX300, and more!

Most of the answers to your questions are already answered below, or in the info files that can be found in the downloaded firmware archive, or in the FAQ. For example, in the "External_Tunings" folder there is a info file describing what to do to change the sound signature. Please read all this info, and if you couldn't find the answer to a certain question, you can ask it below, in the comments section, or via email. Thanks!

Updates (September 20th):
- instead of having separate firmware packages for different sound signatures, you can now choose (in the settings file) from 4 available sound signatures that come in a single package;

Midnight is now the "Warm" sound signature, while Dawn (v2.1, unreleased before) is the "Bright" sound signature. The other two sound signatures are "Neutral" (which sits somewhere between Warm and "Bright") and "WM1Z", which is the Sony NW-WM1Z sound.

- in the "CFW" folder in the internal storage, where the settings file can also be found, you will now see a "StockRevert" folder, containing everything required to get back to the stock firmware;
- in the same folder you will also see an "External_Tunings" folder, which contains the external tunings for the 4 sound signatures, as well as info related to the applying of these tunings (both these folders require about 246 MB available in the internal storage).

- 4 sound signatures in 1 package: "Neutral", "Warm", "Bright", and the "WM1Z" stock sound;
- an additional settings system, which can be found in the Internal Storage (in the "CFW" folder), allowing you to set various settings (open the settings file, [settings.txt], for more info);
- a boot log file for the settings system, to check if the settings file is read correctly and all the values are valid (can be found in the same "CFW" folder);
- USB DAC mode (play audio from your computer or other audio sources via the USB cable, with the NW-A30 acting as a USB DAC);
- aptX HD codec included for Bluetooth playback;
- BT Receiver mode (stream audio to your player from any BT source);
- 10-band equalizer/Tone Control (switch between these two from the EQ screen, by tapping on the bottom-right menu button);
- DC Phase Linearizer with 6 selectable modes;
- Vinyl Processor with 4 selectable modes;
- Direct Source replacing ClearAudio+ (while Direct Source is enabled, DSD and MQA playback will not work);
- visualizers: Spectrum Analyzer/Analog VU Meter/Digital Peak Meter (while in the playback screen, tap the bottom right button, and then tap "Change playback screen")
- info about the file being played showing up at the top of the playback screen;
- a bar indicating the audio volume is showing up at the top of the screen;
- the CEW2 region doesn't apply a volume limit with this firmware;
- three boot modes: "Normal", "Plus v1", and "Plus v2" (find settings for these in the settings file);
- DSEE AI (present on DMP-Z1);
- visualizations more in sync with the music;
- progressive JPEG and interlaced PNG album covers are supported.

Missing features in comparison to the stock firmware:
- FM Radio
- VPT Surround
- Language Study
- ClearAudio+
- Noise cancelling
- Line-out functionality

Known issue:
- NFC is not working

Boot modes:
"Plus v1" - a different flavor of the normal chosen sound signature;
"Plus v2" - usually better than the Plus v1 mode, and it also consumes less battery;
"Normal" - provides the normal chosen sound signature;

Please read the FAQ for more info about how to install/revert back to stock from this firmware, about the settings file, or about how to change/start in the chosen Plus mode.

You can also find info related to installing and reverting to stock or about the tunings in the downloaded ZIP archive, from the link below.


What should I do if I'm using one of the previous/existing custom firmware versions?

1. Revert to stock using the StockRevert package corresponding to your currently installed firmware

2. Install "Walkman One", following the instructions available in the downloaded ZIP archive

You can find the StockRevert for the previous modded firmware versions, here




  1. Hi Mr.Walkman, Thank you so much for doing this!

    My friend and I have purchased RDP-NWT19's Speakers from Japan for our walkmans. I haven't received mine, but he tried his A30 with it and didn't work at all. It did after reverting to stock though.


    Is there any way you could implement this feature on Walkman One firmware? Thank you!

    1. Maybe cause wm1z isn't compatible with the speaker and the speaker thinks a wm1z is connected?

    2. It is mentioned above that line-out functionality is missing. He could use the 3.5 port directly.

    3. Ok, I searched for those speakers, and they connect directly to the WM port, so it's using the line-out functionality. As line-out doesn't work, you'll have to find another way to connect them, unfortunately.

    4. An actual WM1Z or WM1A would also not work, because line-out is disabled in firmware and the line-out pin is not used on the WM port.

    5. I see, Thanks for the clarification, it makes whole sense now. I know this is a odd request but I learned about your CFW's a bit late. Do you recall by any chance what's the latest version you made that had Line-out support for A30/50 series? maybe a CFW before WM1A/Z was integrated? My memory might be vague, but IIRC there was one that didn't disable it.

      I rather have an older CFW than going back to stock =(.

      Thanks again!

    6. Older firmware mods with line-out are based on the Sony A50 firmware, which doesn't improve the sound quality too much. Unfortunately I don't keep older versions.

  2. Hi there, could you let me know which sound signature provides more punchy bass yet clear sound with enough treble.

    1. You could give a try to Neutral with the TW region and maybe the Plus v2 mode, or to WM1Z with the MX3 region and Plus v2 mode.

  3. Hi MrWalkman, I know equalizer doesn't work over bluetooth but does any sound signature affect sound over the bluetooth?

    And is there a way to enable lineout feature as i have a fiio dac (Q1 mark ii) which i used to use with my walkman (WM-port to micro usb cable) but can't now and it doesn't fits in any other purpose around my usage.

    Thanks for your hardwork, it's really awesome.

    1. One more thing i noticed on my unit, after every restart auto power off goes back to 24 hours even though i set it to 3 hours

    2. The sound signatures themselves shouldn't affect BT audio, but overall, BT audio should sound better than on the stock A30 firmware.

      As the WM1A/Z doesn't support line out, and this firmware is based on the WM1A/Z firmware, line out can't be enabled.

      Also, WM-port to micro USB shouldn't work as line-out, but as simple audio transport, which doesn't make use of the player's sound signature, even while on the stock firmware.

      After setting any option in Settings, turn off the screen for about 2 minutes. Settings are not instantly saved, they are usually saved a short time after turning the screen off. This has nothing to do with me, this is how the stock firmware works as well.

    3. True about the sound signature with the WM-port to micro usb, And theoretically it should work then but the amp is not detected by the walkman after connecting or it'll never work with this firmware.

      Settings thing i tested, it's working as you mentioned.

    4. Yeah, so line out is not supported by the firmware, and digital audio doesn't work. As I don't have an A35, there are small chances of it working in the future.

    5. I think you are situated in UK if I'm not mistaken, but by any chance if you are in Canada I can lend you mine with the amp and cable.

    6. I'm not in Canada.

      I have a Sony digital adapter. I don't really use it, as the Walkman sound signature doesn't get passed to the connected DAC, so I prefer connecting such DACs directly to the PC.

  4. Muchas muchas muchas gracias MrWalman!Saludos desde Argentina.

  5. Hi, MrWalkman,I really like you costume firmware. It make my Walkman alive again! But I found a bug that I can't name a playlist. Whatever I input it always can't save. By the way,can you let some stock features come back? Like FM. Best wishes.

    1. About playlists, it's my mistake. It works! But I really need some original features not only FM but also Podcasts.RSVP.

    2. Hey,

      I am not sure I can bring the podcasts (Language Study) function back. If it's not included in the WM1A/Z firmware and hidden, then it won't be possible. I'll look into it in the future.

      About FM radio, it's just not included in the firmware. I made the FM radio button show up, but there's no user interface for it, so it doesn't work.

  6. Hi, im from Japan.
    I use NW-A35 player and NC31 earphone.
    StockRevert is only for International version?
    FM Radio band and Earphone settings are inncorect...
    How i can solve these problem?

  7. hi, mr walkman.
    I find how to change resion.

    1. Hey, there's no International or Japanese versions, basically. There is only an A35 player with the region set to Japan.

      If you're on the stock firmware then you can only change the region with that tool above. Otherwise you can change it through the settings file when running the Walkman One firmware.

  8. Hi MrWalkman

    I installed Walkman One CFW on my A35 and the touchscreen is glitching. It will automatically register input randomly all over the screen

    Problem went away when I revert back to stock firmware

    Anyways, thank you for the great CFW as always. Hope there is a solution to the random touchscreen glitch issue

    Best regards

    1. Hey, I didn't hear about this happening with other A35 players, and I don't have one myself. Even if I had one, it's possible that I wouldn't have this issue, so I wouldn't be able to look into it anyways. Sorry to hear your A35 behaves this way.

    2. No worries. I went back to your earlier DPM-A30 CFW and all is working well.

      Keep up the good work :)

    3. Unfortunately that one doesn't sound near as good as this latest one.

    4. Yup.. The latest one sounds really good in Plus v2 mode. I'm gonna try installing it again sometime soon. Hope all goes well :)